Vi har en diskussion i TC om lite av varje. Här är mitt senaste inlägg.

We maybe are too polarized. I can understand Peter. The ideas are technically very good. I also respect the conservative Americans fear of changing too much. We need to find a way that many sailors like. 

We have to accept unmeasurable rules. If we want to change that on the whole boat we need to change a lot. Forget about that argument.

I think it is unlucky we have to use wood in hull, plank and runners. Some builders think it is more complicated with wood, but that we can live with. My problem is to understand the rule. I believe the Americans think i am a rule cheater. Maybe you are right. I am maybe squared in my mind. I do not like to guess what the intention was. Honestly i think that argument about the intention is as bad as Peters idea that everything has to be measured. I want you to also forget this argument.

As you all know my biggest problem is the description of the wood body in our runners. We leave it for now, i am afraid it is going to be a complicated discussion. My point is in phase with the desire to make the class easy to handle for home builders. If we can´t understand the rule it is the opposite to easy. 2010 when i was new i got a lot of help from Paul, thanx for that. It would have helped me more if i could read in the rule what i wondered. 

About the little piece of glue on the chock. After Paul corrected me about ”depth” i think we should not tolerate any glue at all over the chock or fore and aft of the plank. If you want a radius you have to shorten the width of the plank. Easy to build, change, understand and measure. We do not need tho change anything, just tell the measure man to check it.

Someone asked for a description to build cheap runners without wood. Actually i planned to build runners with a big slot. Inside it i planned to put half ice hockey sticks. Broken ones are available in every hockey arena. This is cheap. I am glad i did not make them before this discussion. 

Peter, even if i think your ideas are pretty nice i do not think the biggest changes are possible to get people to accept. If we get some of the changes we will vote on we have to se the result and move on from that. 

One problem we got is that some masts do not measure correct. I believe some masts on WC was illegal, some CompoTech at least. If we keep that weight point after the voting we need to measure it on WC. Now they measure the complete unnecessary boom stripe. It is a joke to measure that point! 

I do not like a system of punishment for wrong build parts. Someone can be judged too hard if the jury think is was in purpose and it was not. Remember we can read the rule different. If a misunderstanding of the intention of the rule looks for the jury as trying to find holes in the rule it will be wrong. It is way to open for opinions.

I hope i got all my thoughts here. I know we all love the class and want the best for it. 

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