Brev till Vladislav

Jag har epostkontakt med CompoTechs mastchef. Deras master byggs på ett kostnadseffektivt sätt och jag ser gärna att klassen använder deras master istället för andra med massa problem. Därför ger jag honom feedback då och då. Så här ser det senaste ut:

Thx for the mast. 

The first i noticed were that it is bent to a side. I am not worried about it, but u have to solve that somehow for the production of new masts. Fredrik and Tomas would never accept that.

On the Swedish Championship it was slow conditions. When the speed is more than 40 km/h or 4 m/s on not so fast ice i could bend it really much. The sail got nice twist an pushed me forward perfectly. I am really happy about how it behave. It helps me to steer better. Now i know how to sail a soft mast and it is great fun. 

Some swedes check your tablet on bendvalues and maststiffness. I think you should update it with a change of recommendation by the sailors weight. Number 85 is perfect for a 95 kg sailor. My weight is 96 kg. My plank bend 38mm with 100 kg. If a sailor have a looser (more normal) plank a 90 may be good for a 95-guy. That tablet could be a new standard of measuring masts. People talk about it. I will put it on my webpage.

I am going to cut a lot of the top to get less drag. You will now in the autumn.  

Now is my iceseason over and i look forward to Finland week 46. Next season i will sail WC and with some wind i think it could be a very good performance from me and my boat.

Richard Larsson 

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